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My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro, Tonari no Totoro (1988)
The anime takes place in a small provincial town where the sisters Satsuki and Mei recently arrived with their family.The family was forced to move from the big city to the village due to the difficult physical condition of the mother, who went to the hospital. Now all responsibility for cleaning, cooking, washing and much more rests on the shoulders of the father and the fragile shoulders of Satsuki, the eldest daughter in the family. She should not only clean and cook, but also take care of her younger sister Mei while mom is in the hospital and dad is working. Satsuki, being responsible and strong-willed, does not complain to anyone, but tries to do everything too correctly and quickly, sometimes forgetting that little Mei is still a child.
Mei herself wants to constantly walk around the neighborhood, tear off nature, wild thickets, flowering trees and much more, something unfamiliar to a girl born and raised in a large and noisy metropolis. Here she meets a forest spirit named Totoro, who greets the girl in a very friendly and joyful way. Mei soon decides to introduce Totoro and Satsuki, who at first does not believe in the existence of a forest spirit. And very soon Totoro will help the girls in a very important matter.