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Mulan (1998)
The events of the cartoon take place many years ago. In the center of the plot is a young girl named Mulan, who lives an ordinary life in the company of her relatives. She also has a faithful companion - a small fire-breathing dragon that never leaves Mulan in difficult times. But one day, dark times came for all the people. The thing is that the thousands of Huns' armies decided to make a surprise attack in order to seize the territory so desired for themselves. For this reason, all male representatives went to the front to protect the people from enemy troops.
Mulan also dreams of taking direct part in the hostilities. She owns weapons and horse riding as well as any guy, but by law girls have no place in war. By deception, Mulan escapes from his native settlement, after which he disguises himself as a man to become part of one of the detachments. Incredible battles await her ahead, as well as acquaintance with many other brave warriors. Can she keep her identity and play an important role in the victory over the enemy army?