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Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Mission: Impossible 6, M:I VI, M:I 6
One of the best employees of the CIA was entrusted with a rather difficult and risky task. Ethan Hunt had to overcome this unbearable mission. Of course, the key character easily cope with any task, because for him absolutely nothing is impossible. Meanwhile, a group of terrorists is preparing to carry out a terrible plan, which the CIA agent must prevent.
Villains want to seize power and impose their own rules in some countries. Many countries have already been subject to these large-scale coups, and no army has been able to resist the terrorists. Due to the circumstances, the key character will have to overcome a difficult path, he will be forced to move from city to city, just to achieve the goal. Very soon, the situation unfolds from an unexpected angle, since the main character made a mistake. While the CIA agents rushed to the aid of his colleague, Ethan managed to get an ominous message from new enemies. The final promises to be hot.