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Midway (2019)
The hot summer month has come - June 1942. The bloody fierce World War II is in the midst of its own incredible and unpredictable actions. The Japanese government, encouraged by the vile but successful assassination attempt on the US port of Pearl Harbor, is once again planning a brutal offensive. Insidious attackers want to inflict the last, and most importantly, mortal blow to the Navy of a worthy adversary. Now the upcoming battle will take place nearby amazing and picturesque islands, which bear the original name Midway.
Funny and mischievous enemies believed that after this negative phenomenon for the United States of America, the situation would clear up completely, and military officials and officers would shamefully lay their firearms on the ground. A convincing victory will allow dangerous villains to completely control and even dominate the Pacific Ocean. However, the joyful guys did not know that during the next reconnaissance operation, the brave officers will be able to decrypt the secret message, with the help of which they learned the exact date of the attack. Tricky arrogant people decide to build a death trap, thanks to which the attack scheme will take an unpleasant turn.