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Men in Black

Men in Black, MIB (1997)
On Earth, has long been firmly settled aliens. They have different goals and objectives: one is to destroy all living things, and the other - to find refuge from such aggressors. For the control and monitoring of aliens, as well as to protect the earthlings, there is a special service for Cooperation with the aliens. Agents of the service - men in black - well equipped with various advanced devices, among which there is a special device that allows you to erase the memory of people, suddenly confronted with aliens and experience from this shock.
Due to this and the ability to provide service agents on time in the right place for a long time, unable to hide the fact of the presence of aliens on Earth. When a police officer James Edwards faced with a strange criminal, he has shown outstanding ability, what attracts the attention of Kay's service agent. Soon, he becomes an agent James Jay, who will bit a lot, how to save mankind and the entire galaxy.