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Men in Black II

Men in Black 2 (2002), MIIB, MIB 2
To protect earthlings from unnecessary information and unwanted contact with aliens, a long time to settle on Earth, there is a special office, which employs agents who have the necessary skills and knowledge about aliens - this "men in black". Five years ago, the men in black have prevented the death of mankind, after which one of them, Kay agent, resigned.
Erased the memory of the last 20 years, dedicated to the work of aliens, he was an ordinary civilian man, leading measured life, and Agent Jay mission continued control over the aliens. But after receiving the information about the next threat of the destruction of the Earth is trying to convince Jay Kay back to work, because only his expertise will help save earthlings from enslavement. In addition, once Jay deviates from the rules prescribing it to erase the memory of all earthlings, came into contact with aliens. Jay is going to take that risk in order to protect Laura, who witnessed the crime, but what will a violation of the Charter?