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Matilda (1996)
Released: 1996.
Director: Danny DeVito.
This children's films, in the center of the plot where the curious girl in his six years with gusto read serious works. The genius of the main character by the name of Matilda's hard to deny - it easily adds up to huge numbers of mind, able to move the view objects, and this is a partial list of its supernatural features. But her life is not so fun and provocatively - the baby's parents are not interested in her life, and the possibility of their Matilda did not impress. Therefore, the early years of the girls are almost alone - in the 4 years she began to go to the library and even read Hemingway.
And in the school cares enough - there heroine every day enters into a fierce confrontation with the harmful headmistress. Miss Trunchbull absorbed everything that little kids are afraid of, and successfully take advantage of this by educating students in the conditions of dictatorship. And Matilda wants to change the life of the school for the better, but does it get her?