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Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace (2018)
Will and Tom are father and daughter who get along fine. Several years ago, the main characters decided for themselves to isolate themselves from the public and civilization, which is why they moved into the wilds, deep into the forest. The young man believes that nature is the best source for human existence, with which you can be charged with energy and positive emotions. Caring father drinks rainy water, believing that it heals his body.
A key hero occasionally makes forays into the city limits in order to get some vital things. Being homeless is allowed, but to live on state land is contraindicated by law. Soon, social workers get to Will and Tom, and force them to leave this territory. Now, the key characters need to go in search of a new place of residence, many trials and serious adversities are expected on their way that will force them to reconsider their world view and future plans for life.