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Kiki's Delivery Service

Kikis Delivery Service (1989)
The main character of the anime is a girl named Kiki.Kiki is a 13 years old witch trained by her mother. Her parent is a witch who was born and raised in a stern and strict clan of witches. There, the witches had strict rules and laws that had to be strictly followed and in no way violated. Kiki's mother tries to make her a real witch, able to heal the deep in just a few days, give people happiness and care, and also masterfully fly on a broomstick. Unfortunately for her mother, Kiki perfectly mastered only flying on a broomstick, as the girl likes this pastime very much. According to the traditions of witches, Kiki, after reaching the age of thirteen, must go to a strange city where there are no witches, and try to lead an independent life there. Mother is concerned about this turn of events, because in her opinion, Kiki is completely unprepared for an independent life, but Kiki persuades her mother and begins to travel.
Taking with her all the necessities, taking the broom of her mother, as well as her beloved pet - a cat named Jiji, the girl flies to uncharted lands. At first, the mother’s broom does not listen well to the girl, but over time, the broom and Kiki get used to each other. Soon, Kiki arrives in a large port city called Koriko and decides to settle here.