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Just Go with It

Just Go with It (2011)
The main character of the movie is a young man named Danny Maccoby.
Many years ago, Danny was going to become a cardiologist and open his own clinic. He had a girlfriend, whom he wanted to marry soon. But suddenly and unexpectedly, Danny found out that his beloved girlfriend was cheating on him with anyone. She wants to marry Danny only because of his money and wealth. Of course, Danny decides to break this alliance and with a heavy heart goes to the nearest bar to fill his grief with alcohol. Here he meets a charming and young girl, and then tells her about her own grief. Then the girl, wanting to console Danny and increase his self-esteem, invites him to retire to his apartment.
Twenty years pass by. Danny, who changed his mind about becoming a cardiologist, is a successful plastic surgeon and owns his own clinic. He does not regret what happened to him many years ago, because thanks to that beautiful girl he developed a new tactic in seducing girls. Soon, however, he met a beautiful and witty young woman named Palmer, who again tells her tearful story. However, she, unlike all previous girls, expresses a desire to get acquainted with the failed wife of Danny.