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Iron Man 3

Iron Man Three (2013)
The talented inventor and millionaire Tony Stark lives a full and interesting life - he meets a beautiful, loving woman, he is rich and successful. His latest development, which brought the creator real fame - an impenetrable armored suit - faithfully serves the good of America, protecting the president.
Calm existence ends when a cruel villain named Mandarin, possessing the mysterious power of the rings of an alien race, addresses threats to the US security system. The madman promises a swift coup and a change of government, accompanying the words with monstrous, incredibly powerful explosions. The hero is offended by the statement of the terrorist, as if he had personally been challenged and the whole world stood still waiting for the actions of Iron Man, and he was not going to disappoint them.
However, things take an unexpected turn: the adventure will not only be a battle with criminals, but also with oneself. A scientist needs to understand his feelings and answer an extremely important question: what matters to him more - his own life or the metal shell of a superhero, giving him self-confidence and invulnerability. Not only the outcome of the battle, but, possibly, the fate of mankind depends on the correct answer.