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Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 (2010)
When the government finds out who is the creator and sole operator of Iron Man's costume - an indestructible shell in which you can take off and fight, Tony Stark is invited to the conference. The armed forces declare his invention the property of the United States and demand to pass the secret to them, allegedly intending to use it for the benefit and for the protection of the country. The scientist does not agree to these requirements, rightly fearing that his creation will be used for selfish purposes and will become a threat to the whole world. The best minds in the world are trying to uncover the composition and mechanics of the action of armor, but all efforts endure a crushing fiasco, they were not able to get a centimeter closer to the solution to the structure.
While the American inventor is in the center of attention of all progressive humanity, in Russia engineer Ivan Vanko designs and creates his own weapon, of unthinkable destructive power. Many years ago, in America, a Russian physicist worked on the technology of a unique energy source, was fired, deported, in poverty, and subsequently died. His son discovered old drawings and wants to avenge all the hardships and sufferings that his father and his own hardships have suffered.