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Ip Man

Yip Man, IpMan (2008)
Released: 2008.
Director: Wilson Yip.
A kung fu master honors the traditions of his ancestors and never applies his knowledge to gain short-term glory. Ip Man does not take students. No one can persuade a master to share his knowledge. Only a few saw Yip Man's skill. A man holds small sparring with his friends to share experience and point out their shortcomings. One day, Ip Man received a duel challenge from one of the new founders of his own kung fu school. The duel took place secretly from everyone behind closed doors. But an occasional witness to the fight found out that the victory went to Yip Man. The news spread throughout the city, and again, people started talking about the superiority of the master over their colleagues. The disgraced opponent Yip Man harbored a grudge against a guy who could not hide the truth.
But times have changed and the Japanese are attacking China. Many kung fu masters died. Only a few people were left who were able to withstand the formidable enemy, and among them was Ip Man. The man still does not depart from his rules. He continues to use knowledge only in extreme cases. Ip Man tries to remain human, despite the harsh times, because the war has hardened the country's civilian population.