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Ip Man 3

Yip Man 3 (2015), IpMan 3D
Released: 2015.
Director: Wilson Yip.
Ip Man is a truly legendary man who lived in China in the last century. He happened to survive several wars and dozens of bloody battles, which seriously affected the fate of his people. It was a difficult moment in the history of China, when many fell. And people were not able to find the cherished world, since one trouble inevitably followed another.
The protagonist was sure that after the war he would finally be able to do what he really liked. He intends to start training young talents who will learn all the secrets of his incredible fighting skills, which only a few can master. And among them will be one incredibly capable student, who will have a great future. But before taking this guy to his school, Ip Man will be forced to face a new threat that comes from across the ocean. And now the great master has no choice but to once again enter into unequal confrontation in order to protect himself and his family. He is waiting for the last test, which will be the hardest to pass.