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Hubie Halloween

Hubie Halloween (2020)
Genre: Comedy, Mystery.
Released: 2020.
Director: Steven Brill.
Hubie Dubois is a freaky guy living in Salem. He was an extraordinary person, and was often the object of ridicule. The current state of affairs upset him, because the man sincerely considered himself an average person who was only slightly different from the people around him. And at the same time, the main character loved Halloween, during its celebration you can have fun, swagger and dress up in various costumes. However, things are not going according to plan, and many adversities await the central character. Once the upcoming celebration was on the verge of collapse, which came as a shock to him.
The town was in trouble due to an inexplicable threat, and now numerous citizens were in serious danger. But for the restless dreamer, it was a challenge, because now he could prove himself like a real hero. Too much depended on Hubie's actions in this situation, because he could save his compatriots from a terrible misfortune. And for the man it was a matter of honor. He loved Halloween so much that he was ready to prove himself in a superhero manner. But what will happen to the charming boy faced with unusual difficulties? Will he be able to save the holiday and the townspeople? And will it be possible to find out what kind of threat is hanging over his native land?