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Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania (2012)
People have been afraid of monsters since ancient times. Legends about the eerie creatures of the night do not let the smallest fall asleep. Most people frighten their children with unprecedented monsters, who will be dragged away in case of children's whims and disobedience. But no one even realizes that among the monsters themselves there are those who have not offended anyone in their entire life. And he was even persecuted by people because he simply did not look like others.
Therefore, Count Dracula wants to protect his daughter from the judgments of the world. He tries to protect the child from judgmental glances. Raising Mavis alone, Dracula thinks that the girl might lack care. He tries to become everything to her. Support and protection, a loyal friend and teacher. Having built a luxurious castle, a loving father settled in it with his daughter. A remote location was chosen. But, so that the child does not wither from boredom, he constantly arranges events where all the evil spirits of the country flock. Who can not only be seen at the party.
But Jonathan had no idea that he would become a guest among all these invitees. He is an ordinary tourist who happened to be in Dracula's castle. And seeing the matured Mavis, the guy desperately falls in love. Young people could be happy if not for the stern count, who is against the union of his daughter and mortal.