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Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (2018)
The great and ruthless Dracula has been running the Transylvania Hotel for many centuries without seeing weekends or vacations. Solving for many years the same problems of maintaining a mysterious shelter for mystical creatures, the count was pretty tired. Plus, years of loneliness make themselves felt. In the depths of his dark soul, the night bloodsucker also dreams of love and female attention, but all attempts to make himself a girlfriend fail. Even special dating sites do not bring the desired result: none of the persons who posted the profile touched the heart of the ruler of the night. Feeling irritable and very tired, the Prince of Darkness realizes that he needs a vacation.
Mavis's daughter, seeing the sadness of her parent, helps him in organizing the rest. The girl collects her father's suitcases and sets off with him on a sea voyage around the world on a luxury cruise ship. The guests of the hotel also join them: Johnny, Frankenstein, Murray, Blobby, Griffin, Wayne, Vlad and others.
The trip was a success: the monsters play a variety of games together, enjoy the ocean, pool, spa treatments, have fun and dance. And Count Dracula, meanwhile, is closely watching the captain of a huge ship - the beautiful Ericka. The dark lord falls in love with a lady, but he cannot even imagine what kind of trouble she will bring to vacationers.