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Hotel Transylvania 2

Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015)
After an ordinary person burst into the hotel where Count Dracula was staying, the life of each of the heroes changed dramatically. The fact is that the only daughter of the most important representative of evil, Dracula, fell in love with the very person who once broke into the hotel of the protagonist. A young girl married an ordinary guy and gave birth to his long-awaited son. The little child was half vampire and half human. The situation has developed in such a way that the child of heroes predominates more in his character of good than evil, and this is insanely upsetting for his grandfather.
One day the boy's parents leave on business, the grandfather will look after the grandson, who is going to make a real vampire out of the guy. Together with his best friends, the main character will arrange various tests for his grandson in order to direct him in the right direction for them. And then one day a lot of vampires come to this hotel who want to take a break from ordinary people and enjoy the tranquility. How will the story develop further? Will Dracula be able to see in his own grandson all those qualities that he dreamed of? An exciting plot will surprise every viewer with its promotion.