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Holmes & Watson

Holmes and Watson (2018)
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Mystery.
Released: 2018.
Director: Etan Cohen.
Standard story in a non-standard embodiment. Transformation of the duo of famous detectives in a new form. Now the audience is offered a comedic version of the investigations of Sherlock Holmes. In fact, this version is based on a sketch for a popular American comedy show, the sketch was so funny that the creators decided to transfer it to a full-length movie.
For lovers of stiffness and severity, this option is not the most relevant, since it includes a lot of rather rude and obscene humor, which, in a sense, even vulgarizes the classic plot. Nevertheless, let's be frank, even the original Sherlock Holmes is not an ideal of morality, he is addicted to drugs, selfish and arrogant. Watson is also not a moral guideline, since, in fact, he is just a serving mercenary and addict's assistant.
Therefore, such a story is simply a variant of the author's vision. Even if not quite in the classical sense. If anyone is interested in the reasons for such ridicule of the English plot, then the point is clear. In fact, in this way, the Americans make fun of the representatives of the English high society. They take the most famous heroes and make them vulgar.