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Hitch (2005)
Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Released: 2005.
Director: Andy Tennant.
In this movie you will find a story about a man who earns his living in a somewhat unusual way. Hitch is the so-called "date doctor," who can easily make a young girl fall in love with a man. He has a unique method that he tries to keep secret. And he does not prudently extend his profession. Hitch does not fulfill his duties for free, receiving a substantial monetary reward. But each client can be completely sure that the final result will be impeccable.
This time, a modest accountant is turning to Hitch for help, who is deeply in love with a local glamorous star. And if the protagonist again succeeds in achieving what he wants, then this order will be the pinnacle in his unusual professional career. It would seem that such a master can handle any obstacles. But this time the situation is complicated by the fact that a glamorous star is tirelessly followed by a young attractive journalist who dreams of a sensational reportage. And who would have thought that such a convinced bachelor would eventually fall in love with this girl from the very first glance?