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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)
Last school year was incredibly difficult for the famous Potter, because he had to fight with a long-standing enemy again, which had long destroyed his beloved parents. But the culprit of last year’s terrible events is not going to quit school and with a light soul goes to his beloved school, where he can finally meet with his best friends. While on the train, he learns terrible news from the world of magic. It turned out that the dangerous prisoner of the most severe prison in the world, Azkaban, had escaped and was now walking around free. He is considered the henchman of Lord Voldemort and was convicted precisely for his cooperation with the dark side of magical society. The judges believe that Sirius Black spoke about the whereabouts of Lily and James, acting as an insidious traitor.
Many wizards and the ministry of magic suggest that Sirius will hunt for Harry to finish the dirty business and completely destroy the family of once close friends. Ron and Hermione are afraid for the safety of a friend and try to reassure him, but at that moment the Dementors are nearby who are looking for an escaped criminal. Harry's attention attracts their attention and he becomes ill, so the guy loses consciousness, feeling terrible pain, but Professor Lupin saves an unusual student and decides to teach him all the tricks that he himself received, fearing for his life.