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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)
The famous Harry Potter enters already on the 6th course of his favorite school. The teaching staff has undergone major changes. Very soon, the main character begins to suspect that in a huge castle lurk a serious danger. In the meantime, Dumbledore wants to prepare the guy for a serious fight, which should be held in the near future. Together they will reflect on how Voldemort became immortal, and in order to get to the truth of this secret, Damblador invites his old friend to the role of a potions teacher.
Thus, Professor Horace Slughorn is in a famous school, quite unaware that Doubledor is trying to learn from him the most important information at this stage of life. At this time, the school begins a real chaos, because the pupils of this institution are attacked by the villains, with whom they face a serious struggle for survival. Harry Potter burns wildly in love and affection for Ginny, but Dean Thomas also loved her, and he is not going to give up. Looking at this situation, Hermione is burning with ardent jealousy, which leads her to a terrible state. Each hero has his own problems, and each of them wants to say goodbye to them as soon as possible.