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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)
Summer holidays Harry spends, as always, the guardians. One sunny day, important step-by-step guests came to them. Harry was ordered to sit upstairs and not show his eyes. However, the house elf spoils everything: having suddenly arisen, he asserts that it will be dangerous for the boy at school, and when he did not listen, he drops the birthday cake invisible. All this enrages the guardians and Harry is sent under house arrest, promising that he will never see the school again. The Weasley brothers rushed to help him, who took advantage of the enchanted car and rescued Harry from imprisonment.
When they buy textbooks for the new year, the children meet with the new teacher of protection from the dark arts and Lucius Malfoy - the ideological enemy of the father Weasley at work. Everything ends in a fight and almost a fight. On the first of September, Harry and his friends are late for the train. For some unknown reason, Harry and Ron cannot get through the portal at the station, and the boys decide to use the machine. Having caught up with the train - and having caught the ten Muggles in the flying car - they lose control of the castle grounds. Collapsing at the famous Wicked Willow, famous for its bad temper, the boys come across to the farm manager, who promises them the last night in school.