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Gretel & Hansel

Gretel and Hansel (2020)
Welcome to the forest, where it is not easy for even an adult to survive. What can we say about the two young children who got lost in this forest many weeks ago. Left alone, Gretel and Hansel are forced to rely only on their own strengths. They lost touch with civilization and every day they struggle for existence, trying to get a shelter and food. The forest is fraught with many dangers that the children did not even know about. But having spent a sufficient amount of time here, they realized that it was impossible to trust even the kindest travelers, since their true motives could be far from noble.
Everything changed when a small hut appeared on the path of Gretel and Hansel. It might have seemed that the building was abandoned, which turned out to be wrong. A strange woman lives on the territory of the house, whose appearance seems repulsive. But by her nature she was good-natured. The stranger lets the children into her house and offers them everything that one could dream of. But what are the real goals of the forest dweller? Soon, really terrible things will begin to happen here that can not be explained.