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Green Room

Green Room (2015)
A story about friends who have decided to connect their whole life with music. They see this as the meaning of life, despite the complete lack of money and prospects. Inspired by punk ideas, they travel the country in their small van, giving concerts in small clubs. Friends are ready to take every opportunity to finally declare themselves. And one day they receive an invitation to a concert that was supposed to contribute to their success. But upon arrival, it turns out that the concert has been canceled, but there is a chance to perform at another event that will be held in the suburbs.
Here, far from the streets, a private concert of neo-Nazi skinheads who adhere to radical ideas in their work takes place. So from the very first minute the musicians began to feel pressure and discomfort. But they are promised decent money for the performance, which is why a refusal is impossible. Having played back their set list, the buddies thought to quickly leave this terrible place, but in the dressing room they become witnesses of what they should not have seen. And now they will meet with something truly terrifying. Will they be able to leave this dressing room alive?