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Ghostbusters II

Ghostbusters 2 (1989)
Released: 1989.
Director: Ivan Reitman.
Five years later, after a brave team of Ghostbusters saved New York and the world from a catastrophe, much has changed. Sami hunters were not wanted, and above them even committed the judicial process, and their business slowly decayed and Dana Berret threw Peter Venkmana, gave birth to a son and a job change - now it works in the museum, as a part of the team of restorers. It soon became obvious that hunters still need New York.
Firstly, under the city found a whole underground river with a strange manure, awakens people's hatred and rage. Secondly, the ghosts have intensified again, and with each passing day, people are more likely to notice their presence. Finally, thirdly, portrait Carpathian Viggo lords over which a team of Dana Berret, clearly has a will of its own and plans to be reborn in the son of Dana. Ghostbusters is only one thing: to put on their backpacks with plasma guns and go to battle with evil forces.