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Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider (2007)
For others, Johnny Blaze is an extremely talented and determined stuntman, able to perform the most difficult stunts. He is constantly involved in various projects and colorful shows, where the audience is shocked with truly limitless possibilities. He is one of those stuntmen who are not afraid to risk their own lives and are ready to perform dangerous tasks, which earned the love and admiration of both fans and colleagues. Close friends believe that he is being looked after by a good angel and regularly saves a careless racer's life, but in fact the situation is much more complicated.
A few years ago, his father was given a serious diagnosis, so the whole family was about to say goodbye to a man, because it is almost impossible to cure lung cancer in the last stage. Johnny and his father had a rather close relationship, and they worked together and he could not imagine that he would remain completely alone. He was desperate, and a deal came to the rescue with the devil himself, that he promised to cure the man of cancer, and in return the young man had to give him his soul. He saw no other way out, so he signed a terrible treaty, and all this time he only enjoyed his position, forgetting the consequences. Recently, the devil returned to finally use the debtor in his own interests and turn his life into hell.