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Gerald's Game

Gerald and Jessie have been married for almost twenty years, but this fact does not stop them in the least when it comes to variety in bed. This time Gerald decided to handcuff his wife to the bed, he really liked this idea, which cannot be said about his wife. Jessie was not happy with these games, but decided to please her husband and take part. However, at that moment, as everything was supposed to begin, Gerald has a heart attack and falls out of bed, losing consciousness.
Jessie is in a real shock, she is alone in a huge house, which is quite seriously removed from civilization, besides, the girl is handcuffed to the bed, and her husband may have just died in front of her. The girl's actions are very limited, she is not able to reach the phone, which is on the bedside table, and the keys to the handcuffs remained on the table altogether. Jessie will have to spend hours, and perhaps even days, in this confinement, but this is far from the worst thing that will happen to her in the near future.