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Frozen II

Frozen 2 (2019)
The plot takes place in a glorious kingdom called Arendelle, where the beautiful Elsa rules, having power over ice and cold. At first, the girl’s amazing abilities frightened her subjects, but gradually the residents calmed down, noting that she uses magic only for good deeds, protecting the country from misfortunes. Sometimes such an unusual queen can be extremely useful - for example, if you urgently need to stop a snowstorm.
However, circumstances force the beautiful princess to leave her people and go to the distant northern continent, through enchanted lands, to learn about the origins of ancient legends of the native land, since ancient times, and to reveal the secrets and secrets associated with the appearance of a magic gift in their family.
The brave Kristoff, his faithful deer Sven, the never-discouraging snowman Olaf, the charming main character and her sister named Anna are going on a long journey towards the unknown. A fascinating, exciting and very eventful journey awaits them, insidious enemies and difficult obstacles, and if everything goes well, fearless travelers will be able to find answers to incredibly important questions.