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Ford v Ferrari

Le Mans 66 (2019)
Released: 2019.
Director: James Mangold.
Formula 1 racing has become one of the pinnacles of the sports industry, followed by millions of spectators across the globe. Big tournaments are held annually, which amaze at the insane speed that professional racers in their cars can develop. But half a century ago, the situation in races was completely different. Then reigned complete hegemony of the Ford company, whose cars seemed an unattainable ideal. This went on until the advent of two enthusiasts who decided to challenge the world-famous brand and create their own racing car. This car will be destined to get the name Ferrari and go down in the history of world championships already in the 60s.
The main characters - a talented designer Carroll Shelby, who began to develop the first model of a racing car Ferrari, together with the brilliant racer Ken Miles, who will be destined to sit behind the wheel of the master’s new creation. Their relationship can hardly be called prosperous, since there are serious conflicts between Miles and Shelby. But on the way to a common goal, they will be able to forever write their name in history and prepare for the most important tournament in France, which will put everything in its place.