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Flora & Ulysses

Flora and Ulysses (2021)
The plot of the film revolves around little girl Flora Belle Buckman, a self-proclaimed cynic, who spends all her free time reading superhero comics. This is how the girl “escapes” from a reality in which everything is not so smooth - her parents just got divorced. Trying to imitate the comic book characters, Flora saves the squirrel from a garden vacuum cleaner. The rodent, being on the verge of death, discovers super abilities in himself, in particular high intelligence and informs the heroine that he is a superhero (by typing the corresponding message on a typewriter).
Subsequently, Flora begins to train Ulysses, hoping that thanks to his "superpowers" he will become a real hero and fulfill at least her dream. But training is not going according to plan and initially all that the super-squirrel gets is to sow panic and destruction.