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First Cow

First Cow (2019)
Genre: Drama, Western.
Released: 2019.
Director: Kelly Reichardt.
In the courtyard of the nineteenth century, which accounts for the subjugation of America. Groups of people possessed by a thirst for profit and wealth, settlers and hunters seek to go to the Wild West, where in Oregon they can hunt for fur with impunity for further sale. Among the desperate travelers is a place for the Chinese immigrant Lu, who cleverly hides among strangers. Meanwhile, a lone chef named Otis is trying to survive in the harsh conditions of the Wild West.
The poor fellow is forced to starve and hide from Russian soldiers combing through the forests of Oregon, not even suspecting that a fateful meeting awaits him. Lu accidentally discovers a starving American and helps him survive. An immigrant gets water and food for a new friend, and having waited until the military detachment leaves, he leads him to a group of settlers. From that moment their strong friendship begins. Having discovered that the local landowner has a cow, a brilliant plan is born in the heads of the heroes. Lou steals milk, which the cook adds to the bun dough. But how long can newly made friends keep their secret a secret and what happens when the owner of the dairy cow discovers the theft? Will men be able to realize their cherished dreams or stay alive they are not destined to?