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Fear of Rain

Fear of Rain (2021)
You can't run away from problems. Even if a person shoves them away from everyone, this does not mean that they will cease to exist. Everyone has their own problems, but not everyone can control their own emotions, which sometimes choke him. The main character is a girl suffering from schizophrenia. She is going through the worst stage of her life, because obsessive hallucinations and horrors seem to completely drive her crazy. She's not sure of anything anymore. In her fevered mind, there is a suspicion that her neighbor has kidnapped the child.
The heroine thinks that this villain is keeping the kidnapped in the attic of the house. But no one believes this girl, because it all seems such nonsense, all this is unreal. But have people really forgotten what danger is? Are they no longer listening to the voice of their own reason? The only one who believes the main character is a guy named Caleb. But here the problem is different, the girl is not entirely sure that this guy really exists at all. Perhaps Caleb is just a figment of her imagination? Who knows? How can this girl figure out her own feelings ...