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Fatale (2020)
Genre: Thriller.
Released: 2020.
Director: Deon Taylor.
Fatal accidents, which cannot be predicted in advance, often completely destroy human life. The approximate average family man was unaware of the impending retribution for an unplanned adultery when he succumbed to the charms of a sexy blonde. A slender beast with devilry in her eyes immediately attracted the attention of a married citizen, who had long craved for variety. Many years of marriage extinguished the fire of passion in the family bedroom, while one hint from a stranger was enough to start a fire in a man's loins. Distraught with lust, the male rushed into the arms of an exquisite beauty, not thinking about the consequences.
A bright fireworks of emotions and unique impressions struck the man, and the next morning came the most severe remorse. The poor fellow, who had sinned against the marriage vow, wanted to keep the sinful fall a secret, but an accidental mistress expressed a desire to blackmail him. The impudent girl turned out to be an experienced detective investigating a bloody murder. The young lady explained to the bashful partner in bed that now he is obliged to help her in everything, otherwise the secret of adultery will be revealed to the unsuspecting faithful. Trapped by an unprincipled beauty, the unfortunate guy faced the horrors of the criminal world.