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Fargo: Season 4

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Fargo: Season 4 (2020)
The events of the tv-series take place in the small American town "Fargo". Middle-aged insurance agent Lester Nygaard lives more than a boring life - he can rightly be called a complete failure. At work, it doesn't go well, there is barely enough money for the essentials, and even his wife reproaches that by his 40 years he had not achieved anything, while his younger brother became rich and successful. And then, as for evil, Lester meets on the street a former classmate who regularly humiliated him at school and, it seems, decided to remember the glorious days. As a result, the main character ends up with a broken nose in a city hospital.
The chain of events that led Nygaard to the emergency room will forever change his life, because there he met the killer and sociopath Lorne Malvo. The offender, after listening to Lester's revelations, was filled with unexpected sympathy for him, and offered to help. However, the help turned out to be very specific, and its consequences were tragic for the entire city.

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