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Family Guy: Season 19

Stewie's First Word

Family Guy: Season 19 (2020)
Continuation of the famous American TV series "Family Guy", which many viewers compare with the legendary "The Simpsons". This project also draws attention to social and personal issues, telling hilarious stories with comic characters. Despite the fact that we have a typical American family, its members are going to break all the usual stereotypes about themselves.
The main characters are confident that they can become successful despite numerous difficulties. Peter Griffin, being the head of the family, turns out to be one of the few who, despite his narrow-mindedness, continues to remain worthy of his status. His wife is a typical housewife, but with her own habits. In addition to children, other inhabitants live under the roof of the characters' house, among which, by the way, there is a talking dog. This character is distinguished by a sharp negative behavior, as he does not hesitate to drink alcohol and smoke like a locomotive. A baby growing up in the family is already making plans to take over the world and preparing to implement his cunning plan. Their adventures in every new episode will make the audience laugh!

The Talented Mr. Stewie

Boys & Squirrels


La Famiglia Guy

Meg's Wedding

Wild Wild West

Pawtucket Pat

The First No L

Fecal Matters

Boy's Best Friend

And Then There's Fraud


The Marrying Kind

Customer of the Week

Who's Brian Now?

Young Parent Trap

Meg Goes to College

Family Cat

Tales of Former Sports Glory