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Emma (2020)
Genre: Comedy, Drama.
Released: 2020.
Director: Autumn de Wilde.
In the suburbs of London lives the noble beauty Emma, ​​who with her sister was left without her beloved mother, and forced to continue to live on her own. The girl is rich, but she is not going to get married. She was ready to develop and engage in mental activity, and her gentlemen were of little concern. However, the heroine found a vocation in the field of matchmaking, when she began to arrange marriages for her friends and acquaintances young ladies. With dexterity, Emma manipulates young people by pushing them to her wards, believing that she personally does not need a marriage. But the insidious fate has its own views on the wealthy heiress.
While the heroine was trying to please the other girls, a worthy gentleman appeared on the horizon, having weight in high society, but is a lover of a different person. With the help of her debtor, the adventurer tries to arrange her own personal life, and put a profitable boyfriend in her insidious networks. The past principles are far behind, and now the charming blonde is moving towards her cherished goal, and she does not care that she takes the guy away from another woman. But will the assertive mademoiselle be able to fulfill her intricate plan, or is reckoning just around the corner?