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Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi.
Released: 2013.
Director: Neill Blomkamp.
In the future, the planet Earth was overpopulated, polluted and partially destroyed by mankind. The solution was the construction of Elysium - a huge space station, within which the rich are well-fed life. Now, in the year 2154, mankind is divided into two main classes: those who can afford life in the Elysium, and those who remained in the ruined world.
Roads Minister, an influential official, ready to do anything to everything remained as it is, so it toughens anti-immigration laws designed to protect the Elysium from the invasion of Earth inhabitants. After Max, the protagonist finds himself in a desperate situation, he has to take up the implementation of the most complex mission. If Max succeed in his plan, it would be saved not only his life but also the lives of many inhabitants of the earth, because the time will come equality, and two of the world - will merge and become equal - rich and poor citizens of Elysium.