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Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love (2010)
The main character of the movie is a young woman named Liz Gilbert.
Elizabeth is an attractive, intelligent and discerning young woman who works and lives in New York City. She loves her husband, with whom she has been living for several years, but cannot have children. This both frustrates and pleases Elizabeth, because every day she loses confidence that she wants children from her husband. Waking up early one morning, Elizabeth suddenly and clearly realizes that she has lived her whole life not at all the way she wanted in her youth. She is shocked by the fact that this realization fell on her so vividly, hard and quickly. Elizabeth decides to divorce her husband, quit her job, leave town, and do it all as soon as possible.
In the end, having hardly achieved a divorce from her spouse, Elizabeth quits, collects all her necessary things, takes money and leaves her hometown to meet a new life. Elizabeth is confident that during this journey she will find herself, a new world and new hobbies that will fill her life with new colors and vivid memories. So, a woman comes to Italy then to India, and then to Indonesia. In each of these countries, Elizabeth finds something very important for herself: the ability to enjoy, love, believe in herself, believe in God, and much more.