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Dino Dana: The Movie

Dino Dana: The Movie (2020)
Genre: Adventure, Drama.
Released: 2020.
Director: J.J. Johnson.
Feature film "Dino Dana" continues the story of a 10-year-old girl from the series of the same name, who sees dinosaurs in the real world. Dana is trying to find an answer to the question of what happened to the reptile cubs, since she observes only adults around her. However, before solving this problem, the girl must help her new neighbor Mateo cope with the truth revealed to him.
It turns out that the guy found Dana's field manual that allows her to see dinosaurs, and now Matteo himself is gaining a similar skill. Together with him and a couple of teenage adventurers, the brave traveler sets off on another adventure in which children will have to fight a spinosaurus, escape from a crowd of Triceratops and come face to face with a quetzacoatlus.