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Debris (TV Series)


Debris TV Series 2021
Genre: Drama, Mystery.
Released: 2021.
Creator: J. H. Wyman.
American intelligence agent Bryan Beneventi and British intelligence agent Finola Jones arrive at the crash site of a spaceship with clear signs of alien origin. The heroes of the tv series "Debris" are faced with the task of understanding the mysterious incident, but they themselves, until a certain moment, do not even suspect why their candidates were chosen to investigate this unusual event. Meanwhile, it is not possible to find a common language for a man and a woman, two strong personalities, the character of each of whom is far from a gift, but they gradually learn mutual trust.
The operatives subordinate to the special agents begin to collect the remains of the "flying saucer", and in the meantime they themselves are examining the neighborhood closest to the scene of this incident. After interviewing local residents, the heroes find out that recently very strange things have been happening here and objects have appeared that have properties incomprehensible to representatives of earthly civilization. Intelligence officers understand that all mysterious events are directly related to their task. Soon, Bevently and Jones find out that they are not alone here interested in the purpose of the aliens' arrival.

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