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Death of Me

Death of Me (2020)
Christine and Neil have long been an exemplary married couple. In their life together, conflicts and disagreements often arose, but they always knew how to find common ground that allowed them to continue to maintain peace and tranquility in marriage. Occasionally, the spouses loved to travel, and chose secluded interesting places for travel, where they could relax away from civilization. Once again, they did not change traditions, and rented a presentable house far from the city, where no one would disturb them for sure. On the very first evening, the couple seriously went too far with alcoholic beverages, which turned out to be unforeseen consequences for them.
Late in the morning they woke up in their bed, and realized that they did not remember anything about the events of the past hot night. It's good that Neil took a video camera on vacation, and recorded almost every movement. Turning on the device, they were extremely amazed by the picture they saw. The man mercilessly killed his own wife, after which he buried her body under a huge tree. What can a woman feel when she sees her death? And what should she do if she does not understand how she returned dead to her husband in bed.