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Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix (2019)
Once upon a time, when the Universe was just born, a huge, unstoppable Force appeared with it. In search of a suitable carrier, for many years she instilled in powerful telepaths, manifesting herself as a giant fiery bird, giving the owner unlimited power. She was called the Phoenix, and each time her appearance caused vibrations in space and time.
But what will happen if this indomitable energy reveals itself to the world in the form of a fragile girl? Now her name is Jean Grey. She is a student at the school for gifted children, Professor Charles Xavier. Behind this graceful bureaucratic euphemism is a safe haven for those whose talents are not accepted by society - young mutants who still do not know how to control their gift. Jean’s telekinetic abilities are so high that in a dream she can catch echoes of other people's thoughts and emotions. Pain, fear and anger constantly fall upon a girl who knows no peace even at night. On the next assignment for the X-Men, she is forced to use all her psionic reserves, and this awakens the Phoenix to life. But is it possible to maintain reason if the soul is overwhelmed by the feeling of omnipotence? And staying on the good side is getting harder ...