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Coming 2 America

Coming to America 2 (2021)
Genre: Comedy.
Released: 2021.
Director: Craig Brewer.
Akeem is the prince and heir to the king of the African state of Zamunda, who will soon replace his father. To become a full-fledged ruler, he must choose his bride and marry. By tradition, she must have the appropriate status and be a resident of the country. However, the prince decided to find a wife for himself and for this he went to America. To make everything for love, he came up with a legend according to which he is an ordinary American student forced to work to feed his family. His faithful friend helps him on these adventures.
Having learned about the trick of his descendant, the king goes after him. But despite all attempts to dissuade the heir, Akeem does not abandon his decision and finds his love. In the end, a sweet kind girl melts all the old man's doubts, and they play a magnificent wedding. So Lisa becomes the queen of Zamunda and they have a son. After some time, the baby is kidnapped in order to receive a ransom from a rich family, but by chance it turns out that he falls into the hands of one American couple, and the real parents think that he is dead. Many years later, the ruler learns that his own son is alive and well and goes in search of him.