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Come Away

Come Away (2020)
A girl named Alice lived in an amazing family, her parents often enjoyed a violent fantasy, and this was passed on to the young lady. In the future, she will become that very famous girl from the wonderland. But so far, living in a family with his brother - Peter, they have to meet various difficulties and adventures. This pretty couple has often enjoyed the interest of the public. Many people around, neighbors and just ordinary school friends wanted to move to a magical area where brother and sister were in the clouds. But they did not let other personalities close to them, believing that they could harm.
As for Peter, Captain James was his main enemy. It turned out that this man hated the baby, and for numerous reasons wants to get rid of him as soon as possible. But having united efforts, the boy and the girl are not going to lose heart and give up. They know that this is all just a fantasy, and in order to return home, they only have to strongly desire it.