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Cinderella Man

Cinderella Man (2005)
The sports drama "Cinderella Man" tells the story of a promising athlete who tried his best to become a champion. He had all the makings in order to achieve the desired. But the offensive series of failures put a fat cross on his career. And now the main character of the film is left without constant earnings, despite the fact that he has a wife and young children who need food. The boxer is trying hard to find at least some work. But all attempts result in failure in view of that. that the country began a great depression. People were starving, living in poverty and could not find work. And every month the situation became more and more tense.
Gradually, the state of the protagonist became increasingly deplorable. And if it were not for a fluke, he would hardly have been able to get out of this situation. He is again given a chance to enter the ring, as the main fighter was injured. Despite the fact that the battle was to be one-time, the success of the protagonist was so shocking that many began to think about his full return. But for this, the man will again have to go through a series of troubles.