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Cherry (2021)
Genre: Crime, Drama.
Released: 2021.
Based on the true story of a young American veteran and robber Nico Walker who served in the United States Army. He himself wrote the original novel, where he named the main character Cherry. He was an ordinary student who would decide to leave college for the military. At this time, the United States is conducting a campaign in Iraq, where Nico is sent as a military medic. Only his loyal beloved Emily supported him in this decision.
He returned home a hero of the war, but not a winner, because the struggle had to continue in civilian life. But this time, the young guy was confronted by his own inner demons. PTSD became the cause of the psychological problems of the main character of Cherry's film. Also, Nico could not let go of the difficult memories of the service, trying to cover them with alcohol and opiates. Trying to cope with PTSD and nightmarish memories with drugs, but becomes addicted.
Gradually, he slides into a heavy drug addiction. Like-minded people appear in his life and they also need help. The ex-soldier's finances are quickly running out. And he starts borrowing. Since there is nothing to give money with - the main character of the film can only rob the bank - and not alone.