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Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

Charlie's Angels 2 Full Throttle (2003)
Released: 2003.
Director: McG.
Once again, Charlie's Angels are in business, this time they are in a hurry to help the FBI. The task is to locate and recover the storage media on which important Witness Protection Program data is stored. These carriers are in the form of titanium rings in which miniature microchips are mounted. It is possible to read information from them only in one case, if you find both parts and connect them together, it is impossible to read information from one medium. It was for the sake of safety that both carriers were with different people who were their keepers. However, once one of the keepers was captured, and the other was killed.
Now the heroes have to find both carriers, which are in different places and from different people, take possession of them and return them to the FBI agents. The first of them is found among the natives in the northern part of Mongolia, with the second the situation is much more complicated, because its location has yet to be calculated. The rings should not be allowed to fall into the hands of criminal authorities, because this endangers the lives of many people - important witnesses. Studying the evidence found at the crime scene of the second guardian, it is possible to get on the trail of the criminal. It's time to take action.