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Castle in the Sky

Laputa: Castle in the Sky (1986)
The anime takes place in a fictional universe corresponding to the beginning of the twentieth century.A little girl named Sheeta, who remained an orphan in early childhood, received dumb money from her parents and an amulet made of Aetherium crystal. According to legend, this amulet is of great value, because with it you can find a way to the Flying Island called Laputa. And on this island is the concentration of the whole world: there is a huge number of countless treasures, military power and a large accumulation of energy. Having learned that the crystal is located at Sheeta, the country's military services, as well as air pirates begin a real hunt for it.
Now Sheeta has to hide from her cruel pursuers who want to capture amulet. She falls off the airship on which she was abducted by the military, but during the fall she is saved by the amulet. She lands in a mining tower and loses consciousness there. She is found by her peer - a boy named Pazu working in this mine. Having learned her secret and dreaming to see the island of Laputa all his life, he gives her shelter and food, offering to continue the journey together.