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Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel (2019)
Captain Marvel unfolds long before the events of the blockbuster Marvel. Avengers: Infinity War, and tells about a superheroine with incredible abilities, which has now become the last hope for the salvation of the whole universe. The events of the film will cover not only the Earth, but also the distant cosmos where the Kree and Skrull races live, and we will see many familiar faces from Nick Fury and Agent Coulson to Ronan the prosecutor, the main villain of the Guardian Galaxy adventure film. So lovers of comics Marvel and their movie versions in the cinema should find here a lot of interesting and fascinating. The directors and screenwriters of the new sci-fi thriller of the Marvel comic-movie series of the universe were Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. And the music for the picture was written by Pinar Toprak.
The main character is a girl named Carol Danvers who serves as a pilot in the US Air Force in the 90s. But after the collision of her aircraft with alien technology, she almost died, finds incredible strength and tries to know the limits of their own abilities, as well as to find their place in the world. Since her genetic structure has acquired numerous changes due to the DNA of Mar-Vell who saved her, the newcomer becomes for Carol a mentor and teacher who helps direct her to the right path and master all the new possibilities and forces that have now become subservient to her. The action will unfold not only on our planet, where Carol under the new name Captain Marvel begins to work on the still very young and even sighted Nick Fury in both eyes, but also sets off to distant space to confront the insidious plans of the Skrull race, whose Talos plans to invade Earth with might and main space scale villain.